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Chateau d’Ori Winery in Nashik Chateau d’Ori Winery in Nashik

Chateau d’Ori Winery in Nashik

Situated across the hills of Nhera-Ori a Dinori, just 20 kms north from the main town Nashik, Chateau d’Ori is a 100-acres single estate has a dome shape winery with a farm house.

Visit To Chateau D’Ori (Part IV) Visit To Chateau D’Ori (Part IV)

Visit To Chateau D’Ori (Part IV)

Rising early next day morning, the roads were constantly wet with drizzles and damp wind blowing across cleaning the dust away. We hit the Dindori Highway on our way to the next winery on the charts. Most of our travelling was on the highway but at times the car went off and on the unconstructed roads that you would not find on the local maps.

Chateau d'Ori Chateau d’Ori

Chateau d’Ori (CDO) started by Ranjit Dhuru in 1999

produced its first vintage in 2007. Oenologist M. Athanase Fakorellis oversees the wine making process and cultivation of the vineyard. Chateau d’Ori produces six varieties which are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay.

The Club visits Chateau d�OriThe Club visits Chateau d�Ori

Life@ The Club

It was a wet day and the Nasik air was crisp and welcoming. I knew we were in Dindori when I spotted the white, dome-shaped structure of the Chateau d�Ori winery.

download Three Nasik players top the list in the new age Indian wine businessGQ Magazine visits Chateau d'Ori

Highlight : Chateau d'Ori Cabernet Syrah-juicy, fruity and a little spicy.

Chateau d'Ori will be the best vineyard visit in the region. As it stands, it's a welcome respite from the commercial buzz of Nashik.


Wine tourism boom in India - About.com Taste of Third Indian Wine Challenge

Indian wine academy

Chateau d'Ori wins Best Rose in country award at Indian Wine Challenge( I.W.C) 2010 in its very first rose vintage


download Three Nasik players top the list in the new age Indian wine businessDaring to be Different

An interview with Ranjit Dhuru - CEO of Chateau d’Ori wines

Ranjit Dhuru’s dream is driven by his ferocious passion for wine.
Sonal Holland interviews the chairman and CEO of Chateau d’Ori wines.
He says "As a winemaker the biggest challenge is balancing commercial interests & ensuring quality. A balance is difficult to maintain but a passionate wine producer must always keep his focus & eye towards maintaining both quality & consistency."


Wine tourism boom in India - About.comWine tourism boom in India - About.com

Indian Wine Portal - Streamwood,Illinois,India

India, 13 July 2009: Chateau d'Ori is a relatively new winery, who's first harvest was in February 2007. Significant effort is being put into developing the 400 acres of vineyards


Global favourites married in IndiaGlobal favourites married in India

The Time of India

India, 16 June 2009: I have lousy Chinese tea but an interesting Nasik wine (Chateau d'Ori). The Chocolate fondue (Rs 195) is not a fondue but a fondant and the dessert of Sushi with chocolate mousse and marscapone is a disaster.


Amfora introduces Oz Wine Bars in IndiaAmfora introduces Oz Wine Bars in India


India, 16 June 2009: The company recently added the first domestic wine brand to its portfolio. It has entered into an exclusivity agreement with D'Ori Winery Pvt Ltd to market and distribute its wines under the Chateau d'Ori label in the north Indian markets.


download Three Nasik players top the list in the new age Indian wine businessThree Nasik players top the list in the new age Indian wine business

The Telegraph - Graphiti

India, 24 May 2009: Chateau d'Ori This is one of the newest players on the block, whose first harvest was in February 2007. Winemaker Athanase Fakorellis is a consultant from Bordeaux who seems to have the right ideas about vineyard management and wine quality. It's early days yet, but from what I tasted the 2007 Cabernet Merlot ticked many of the right boxes. The wine had sweet plum and blackcurrant fruit, a hint of acidity and firm tannins. This seems to be the wine to give the big boys a run for their money. Wines will sell for under Rs 700 per bottle.


Chateau D'ori wins acolades at INDIAN WINE OLYMPICSChateau d'Ori ties up with M/s Connosseur for marketing wines in Maharashtra


India, 16 May 2009: Chateau d'Ori is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Gajanan Nayak of M/s. Connosseur to market our wines across Maharashtra. Having a rich experience in marketing wines for over 14 years, Mr. Nayak has worked successfully with wine companies like Chateau Indage, Sula Vineyards and Brindco Sales Ltd. We welcome Mr. Nayak and hope that this new relationship blossoms into a mutually beneficial and ever-growing one.


Chateau d'Ori reworks marketing tie upsChateau d'Ori reworks marketing tie ups


India, 16 May 2009: The liquor industry has been suffering with low sales and reduced volumes for the past six months,To this aim, Chateau d'Ori has recently tied up with Amfora Wine & Foods Pvt Ltd via a marketing contract for the North Region and with an entrepreneur Gajanan Nayak for the Maharashtra market.


The Chateau D�Ori storyThe Chateau d'Ori story

The Hindu

India, 18 April 2009: From a distance, the rotunda, which nestles against the foothills of the dun-coloured Nehra-Ori, looks like a concert hall that has carelessly settled in the middle of nowhere. Once inside, it has the character and the appurtenances of a truly modern winemaking enterprise. The Chateau D'Ori estate, situated near Dindori, some 22 kilometres from Nashik, reveals its difference even as you drive up the unpaved road to the winery.


Chateau D'ori wins acolades at INDIAN WINE OLYMPICSChateau D'ori wins acolades at INDIAN WINE OLYMPICS

Delhi Wine Club - India's first wine webzine

India, 12 November 2008: Chateau d'Ori and Champagne Indage won the medals for their Cabernet Merlot 2007 and Marquise de Pompadour NV sparkling wine resp. Click here for event pictures.


Robert Joseph's interest in Chateau d'Ori winesRobert Joseph's interest in Chateau d'Ori wines

Indian Wine Academy

India, 23 November 2008: Robert Joseph has just completed the 2008 India wine challenge. He shared his experience exclusively with indianwine.com. I was particularly interested to see the success of Chateau d'Ori which has great potential for the future and currently seems set to take on Grover's mantle


Another year of gains


India, 29 November 2008: The best Indian red wine this year was the Chateau d'Ori Cabernet Merlot 2007, which got silver - no mean achievement as this is from the new winery's very first vintage. IT honcho Ranjit Dhuru, who set up the stunning vineyard and winery in the Dindori area near Nashik.


Bombay Wine Club tastes Indian 'Bordeaux'Bombay Wine Club tastes Indian 'Bordeaux'

Sommelier India - The Wine Magazine

India, 20 November 2008: The Bombay Wine club organized a wine tasting event on 16 November 08 for its members and their guests. The turnout of wine lovers was impressive: a crowd of 65 on a Sunday night. The wines for the evening were sponsored by the "mini Bordeaux" of Nashik - Chateau d'Ori.


Nashik region is starting to produce palatable wines


India, 17 November 2008: ... the region's best wine probably being made at Chateau d'Ori in the nearby Dindori hills. Chateau d'Ori's 2007 Cabernet-Syrah blend is rich with blackberry fruit and was complex enough to impress the influential wine critic Gary Vaynerchuk, who said at a recent tasting in Mumbai that the wine "showed the potential of this country."


Nashik's Chateau d'Ori winery is aiming for big stakes

Business India

India, 2 November 2008: Chateau d'Ori, located in Nashik region, the grape capital of India, is expected to produce about 300,000 bottles of white and red wines, which will be stepped upto a million bottles by next year.


Finewinesnmore to sell Chateau d'OriChateau d'Ori launched in Haryana

Indian Wine Academy

India, 10 October 2008: Nashik based Chateau d'Ori launched their wines in Haryana through their national distributors Finewinesnmore, with a dinner in Gurgaon on Thursday in the company of owners of both companies. Avininder Singh attended the launch on behalf of delWine and shares his experience.


Best Winery and Vineyards in India

India, 7 September 2008: Read about the passion and strategic vision responsible for creating the lush vineyards and state of the art Chateau d'Ori winery of the key founder, Mr. Ranjit Dhuru, in Sakal (a popular Marathi newspaper).


Finewinesnmore to sell Chateau d'OriChateau d'Ori comes out a winner!

Wine Library

September 4, 2008: Watch world famous Garry Vaynerchuk of Wine Library USA rating Indian wines. Click here to watch the full video.


Finewinesnmore to sell Chateau d'Ori

Financial Express

India, 19 August 2008: Finewinesnmore, marketer and distributor for premium-imported wines, has tied up with Chateau d'Ori.


Finewinesnmore to sell Chateau d'OriDesai to Distribute Dhuru's d'Ori Wines

Indian Wine Academy

India, 19 August 2008: Dharti Desai, CEO of FineWinesnMore has signed an agreement this morning with Ranjit Dhuru of Chateau d'Ori to market and distribute in India their complete range of wines produced in Nashik, Maharashtra.


Brave new world

TimeOut Mumbai - The Big Crush

India, 25 July 2008: Effervescent and sparkling, the wine market in India is flush with a stream of new products. As anyone who's attended a banquet, restaurant launch or the opening of an art exhibition will have noticed, there's plenty of red, white and bubbly getting drunk all over.


Wineries & vineyards spell magic for Indian vacationers

The Economic Times

India, 16 July 2008: The wineries of california's Napa Valley attract some 4.7 million visitors every year. Sonoma, a neighbouring county, attracts far fewer wine tourists, but both represent a category of toursim that spells big bucks for the vineyards and wineries.


Besotted by Bordeaux

Sommelier India - The Wine Magazine

India, 8 July 2008: Ranjit Dhuru is passionate about the great wines of Bordeaux which is the style he produces exclusively at Chateau d'Ori, his winery in Nashik. Brinda Gill finds out how his wine passion developed.


Sunshine industry

Maharashtra Times - Pragati Fast

India, 17 June 2008: The Indian Wine Industry has been showing an amazing growth over the last five years. Pragati Fast spoke to Ranjit Dhuru, Chairman & Managing Director, d'Ori Wineries about this growth and the kind of job opportunities it presented.


As French as Bordeaux

Mumbai Touchdown

India, 17 June 2008: That wine is confirmed as the new phenomenon in India is of little doubt not just for the fact that it is showing up in supermarkets but more because Indian wine brands are emerging with imminently drinkable wine. Mumbai touchdown profiles three of India's newest wine makers in a series over three editions.


Sweet child of wine

Pune Mirror

India, 15 June 2008: Ranjit Dhuru runs a winery. So what kind of a person would you epect to be a winemaker. Dhuru is as rare as they come. Dhuru is originally from Mumbai, but not just another Mumbaikar. A part of the landed gentry in a city of migrants; his ancestral house is over 200-years-old.


Indian wines get noticed internationally

Hindustan Times

India, 10 June 2008: When Ranjit Dhuru, the owner of the Chateau d'Ori winery, walked through his gently sloping vine-yards some months ago, the harvest was in full swing. "Already sweet," he said, nibbling from tight, healthy bunches of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.


Scripting a winning story  

The Economic Times

India, 8 June 2008: A Lawyer, softeware techie and vintner rolled into one, that is Ranjit Dhuru. The Chateau d'Ori Winery Pvt. Ltd, of which he is chairman and CEO, was set up in 2000 but began crushing from December 07, since he wanted to graps to mature, not the first growth.


Chateau d'Ori wines at the Deccan Rendezvous Hotel, Pune  

Sommelier India - The Wine Magazine

India, 8 June 2008: "I was a single-malt guy and now I enjoy wines," says Ranjit Dhuru, the brain behind the Chateau d'Ori winery at a wine dinner on 22 May 2008, at Deccan Rendezvous Hotel, Pune. Five wines from the Ch�teau d�Ori cellar were launched on the occasion. Brinda Gill reports.


Forget Napa - Meet the Wines of India

The New York Times

India, 4 June 2008: Red, White, Sultry: The Wines of India. When Ranjit Dhuru, the owner of the Chateau d'Ori winery, walked through his gently sloping vineyards here in February, the harvest was in full swing. "Already sweet," he said, nibbling from tight, healthy bunches of cabernet sauvignon grapes. "These will be ready to pick soon, in another week."


D'Ori Tops at BT More Challenge

Business Today BTMore

India, 1 June 2008: Dindori based Chateau d'Ori, has walked away with 3 awards out of the 11 declared by the Business Today BTMore publication in their latest June 1 issue. Nine Hills, Reveilo and Sula follow with 2 each in the first attempt by the leading national bi-monthly business magazine to rate Indian wines, reports Subhash Arora. Click for BTMore June issue coverage


Making Wine Popular - Wine-ing for all  

Sakal Times

India, 24 May 2008: Wine is a living thing, it needs to be properly stored for two months and enjoyed later," revealed Ranjit Dhuru, founder and CEO Aftek Ltd during an exclusive walk-around tasting of Chateau d'Ori wines at Deccan Rendezvous on Thursday evening.


A toast to travel

The Telegraph

India, 19 April 2008: The verdant vineyards of Chateau d'Ori; Sula's chateau Beyond has been created with the luxury tourist in mind; the view from Sula's Beyond; United Spirits Limited recently launched its first wine made in India, Zinzi, under the banner of Four Seasons Wines Limited; a grape stomping session organised by Chateau Indage; the Indage vineyards in Nasik; guinea fowls and a host of other exotic animals are a tourist attraction at Terroir; Tiger Hill Resorts' decor has been coordinated with the newly imported French oak barrels.


download French poetry pdfFrench poetry - in a bottle


India, 12 April 2008: Wine-maker Athanase Fakorellis tips Chesta Wadhwani on how to know good wine from bad, the types of wines and which food items can be served with them.


Evening with Chateau d'Ori wines

Indian Wine Portal

Mumbai, 5 April 2008: The evening with Chateau d'Ori wines at Henry Tham restaurant in Mumbai was not only graceful but also enlightening, with the presence of French artist Cristina Alba and renowned oenologist A. Fakorellis.