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The Chateau d'Ori estate is situated about 22 km from Nashik on the Nashik-Dindori Road. Approximately 20 km from Nashik and about 2 km short of Dindori town one can turn right along the Wakhed-Palkhed canal and travel another 2 km turning once more right towards the hill of Nehra-Ori to reach the estate. Alternatively one drives through Dindori towards the Palkhed Road and turns right to head towards Nehra-Ori.
The Agriculture
The Vineyard Agriculture

Throughout the year the vines and the vineyard itself have to be maintained in pristine condition. This involves the regular use of fertilizers and a variety of pesticides to prevent plant affliction and the spread of weeds. At Chateau d'Ori the use of organic fertilizers and pesticides has increased to 90% and hopefully in the next two years will reach 100%.

It has been our aim to keep the richness of the soil as we had found it and also contribute towards enriching the environment in and around the estate. Towards this goal we have made sure that no hazardous chemicals are ever used on the estate and the use of pesticide is restricted to its bare essential. No vineyard or winery worker is allowed to draw and use any pesticide without the supervision of a trained agricultural officer, while the fertilizers used on the farm are a hundred per cent organic. The tilling of the land is undertaken strictly on 'as required' basis, ensuring no inadvertent disturbance or destruction is caused to the soil and the environment. The high density single cordon plantation, a first in the country, further contributes in improving the soil structure. Large amounts of water flows down the slopes of the Nehra-Ori hills during the monsoon months. Most of this water caused soil erosion as it cascaded to nowhere. Today the same water fills up three artificial lakes on the Chateau d'Ori estate which in turn increase the water table and feed the bore wells on the farm. The water from the bore wells and the lakes substantially meet the irrigation requirement of the farm. The effort put in At Chateau d'Ori the past six years in building the three artificial lakes and developing the vast vineyard has helped turn a once large tract of wasteland into an area of lush plantation. Also on the anvil is the use of power generated from solar cells and windmills. When implemented, this clean and eco-friendly source of power will turn the Chateau d'Ori estate into a self-sustaining unit, flourishing in harmony with nature. As custodians of this remarkable and picturesque piece of land, we had believed it was our moral duty to create just such a self-sustaining unit which no amount of statute could have envisioned.