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Chateau d'Ori has always believed that the production of great wines begins with the correct growing of the vines on the most suitable soil. This philosophy has guided the selection of the land and the proper cultivation of the vineyard before any thought was given to the production of wine. The vineyard occupies over 65% of the acreage of the estate. The balance is mainly occupied by three artificial lakes, the winery, the farm house and a network of access roads. Like the winery the vineyard has also been modeled after the methods and style used in Bordeaux. Indeed, the entire vineyard has been carefully nurtured under the guidance and supervision of the famed oenologist from Bordeaux, Monsieur Athanase Fakorellis. M. Fakorellis has won several awards back home in France and is a consulting winemaker to over 65 x in the Bordeaux, Cahors and Burgundy region. Choice grafts of grapes were selected and imported from Bordeaux. The varieties planted are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay. In fact Chateau d'Ori today has the largest Merlot plantation in India. More than 56 acres of the vineyard is planted by the single cordon method. This method accommodates 2500 vines per acre compared to about 1000 vines per acre by the pergola method common in India. The new method required the designing of new dies for pressing the special poles required for the system. This system though expensive to install and maintain produces a better yield per acre and above all improves the quality of berries. It also maintains the soil structure and improves water table levels. Presently Chateau d'Ori is only one of three wineries in the State with its own vineyard, and probably the only one to produce all its wines from estate grown grapes.

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